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There is a wonderful place in the South of France called La Verriere  It is a wine estate and luxury villa in the heart of Provence at the foot of Mont Ventoux.  It is available for rent.  When you are in France you can stay there.  

One of the nicest features of La Verriere is that you can have a private chef cook for you while you are there.  Oh, by the way, the word luxury was meant as a clue to how expensive a stay at La Verriere can be. 

You might be thinking at this point, what does a stay at a French villa have to do with dinner in San Diego? Well I’m glad you asked. It is quite possible that if you were to book a private chef for La Verriere the chef would be Jon Chiri. But why wait?  For one evening in January you can experience the type of meal guest at La Verriere experience.  We are bringing Jon Chiri who, by the way, worked as the primary chef there for several years to San Diego and you can attend if you get your reservations in soon. 

So, if you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a French luxury villa meal without going through airport security lines, you will have the opportunity soon. 

Shopping with the Chef

If you've been to Europe you may have had the opportunity to visit a marketplace like Les Halles in Avignon. It is an indoor market. Full of excellent fresh produce, seafood, meats, etc. which is all well priced.  Definitely worth a visit.

Jon has a shop in Les Halles.  In the shop he operates a cooking school and does lunch for the lucky few who are able to score a seat. Part of Jon's meal experience is that guest get the opportunity to shop with a chef for the best ingredients and then observe a meal prepared in nearby in Jon's stall. 

The Meal

My point, and I do have one, is that we are giving our guests the opportunity to experience what some people travel thousands of miles to have.  That is, a meal prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients by a chef who also cooks at luxury villas and for a Michelin two star restaurant and  you get to do it all here in San Diego! The ingredients are locally sourced.  Here is a list of our suppliers .  The menu has an international flavor combining features of French Provencal, Italian and California cuisine.  

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